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It's time to decide which tribe you belong to...

Welcome to the Cleverman Wikia, a fan-site devoted to the ABC/Sundance television series Cleverman that anyone can edit!

Cleverman is a new superhero show set in near-future Australia. Six months ago, humans discovered that the "hairymen" of Aboriginal stories were real - and now they live among humans. A fearful government describes them as sub-human, and keeps them isolated in "The Zone", a restricted area with limited housing and facilities, using the Containment Authority to ruthlessly track down and capture any hairies who escape. Meanwhile, half-brothers Koen and Waruu West clash as their fates are intertwined with the hairies and the Zone - and one of them has just become the new Cleverman, a powerful figure with a deep connection to the Dreaming.

Cleverman was created by Ryan Griffen, and is a modern reimagining of Aboriginal stories which have existed for tens of thousands of years. The wiki has only just been created, so we're looking for content. Feel free to contribute!

Cleverman Season One
Episodes First Contact · Containment · A Free Ranger · Sun and Moon · A Man of Vision · Terra Nullius
Characters Humans Waruu West · Nerida West · Alinta West · James West · Linda West
Koen West · Blair Finch · Ash Kerry · Kora · Eve · Uncle Max
Jarrod Slade · Charlotte Cleary · McIntyre · Belinda Frosche · Everick
Geoffrey Matthews · Dickson · Frankie · Rowena
Hairypeople Araluen · Boondee · Latani · Djukara · Jyra
Maliyan · Harry · Lena · Mungo · Kulya

Wanted pagesEdit

(Pages which don't yet exist, but which are linked to by other pages.)

Nerida West‏‎ (13 links), Harry‏‎ (13 links), Alinta West‏‎ (13 links), Boondee‏‎ (12 links) and McIntyre‏‎ (11 links)

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