Waruu West is a community leader in The Zone, keeping the peace between the humans and hairies who live there, and advocating for the rights of both. He is confident, charismatic and well-liked, and known to both the media and government. He is married to Nerida West, with whom he has a daughter, Alinta. He had an affair with TV reporter Belinda Frosche, though he cut it short when she leaked information about his uncle's death to her boss, Jarrod Slade.

Waruu is the older half-brother of Koen West; the two were never close, Waruu having taunted and bullied Koen because he had a white mother, and they became estranged when Koen left the Zone. Waruu always wanted to be the next Cleverman, and was less than impressed that his Uncle Jimmy chose Koen instead.

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